Shirts vs Skins is full of raw emotion, swinging wildly from abject misery to pure joy. Each character has a unique voice. They take on tough subjects but don’t take themselves too seriously. The songs are funny, playful, and nostalgic. They weave through a host of styles to incorporate the best of Wright’s influences but never lean on them. And, perhaps most impressively, they stand up to repeated listening, growing a bit better each time, like a favorite pair of blue jeans. They’ll make you remember all of your firsts and they’ll leave you wanting more.
1. Chucklefucks 01:20
2. Heaven’s Just For Moviemakers 02:32
3. Soviet Race 02:37
4. Your Hearts is My Heart 02:38
5. Leftovers 02:47
6. Keys To the Kingdom 02:35
7. Canadian Thanksgiving 01:39
8. Something Stupid 02:28
9. Potassium Blast 03:04
10. Evening Traing From Kingston Station 01:58
11. Birds of a Feather 02:12
12. No Hard Feelings 01:47

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Graham Wright - Shirts vs Skins

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