Small hot-tub levels of fame are what Bend Sinister shot for with this record, not realizing it was chock full of radio hits. The likes of “Don’t You Know”, “One Shot”, and “Got You on My Mind” are the kind of songs you need in your life if you can setup elaborate wagers where you win if you can get someone to nod their head or unconsciously sing-a-long to melodies they just heard one verse before.


1. She Don’t Give It Up 04:04
2. Don’t You Know 03:04
3. Man Of Faith and Virtue 03:27
4. One Shot 03:22
5. Got You On My Mind 02:35
6. My Lady 03:59
7. We Know Better 03:39
8. Give It A Rest 03:01
9. Hot Blooded Man 04:19
10. Black Magic Woman 05:16
11. She Lost Her Rock and Roll 03:52
12. Quest For Love 03:15

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Bend Sinister - Small Fame

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